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With extensive knowledge of the law and criminal court procedure, Brass Law Office specializes in criminal law related areas.

When charged with a criminal offence, Alan Brass understands your need for professional guidance. Alan has acted as counsel and has defended clients in all areas of criminal law. You will receive the utmost individualized attention and respect.

Evidence is rigorously scrutinized and outside resources are commonly accessed. These support services may include private investigators, fraud analysts, physicians, and other professionals. Alan Brass involves the client in every step of the decision-making process in order to secure the best possible outcome. An exhaustive assessment of all options available is undertaken before any decisions are finalized. With a professional demeanor and deep understanding of the Criminal Justice System, Alan Brass has helped clients and their families through difficult circumstances.

If you have questions about our services or fees, please contact us.

Please bring any court documents with you to our first meeting.